Thursday, July 25, 2013

Enjoying being home

Welcome home Mom and Dad! He had to see the new house on the way home

                 Dad requested a watermelon cake for himself when he got home :) Amber is getting to be a                    
                                               pro at making these things..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finally Home

     Today Stan was finally released from the hospital and was able to come home.  For those of you who don't know; we sold our home in April and have been living in Stan's parents home. Due to stairs without railing and a few other things their home is no longer an option.  Stan needs to have as few stairs (with railing) as possible and a host of other things to help him get around safely.  As we have gone through therapy it became very obvious that after such a long time in a bed, he would need a lot of help getting around and would be very weak.  We are grateful for gracious family that have opened up their home to us while our home continues to be built.  Although we are not in our own home right now we are still in Lehi and that is home enough for us. 
      It has been amazing to watch him recover with all of his new injuries.  He has had 32 stiches in his leg where he had the fasciotomy along with the 15 other staples at the artery of that leg.  This was done to save his leg when he had compartment syndrome.  Due to this he has had some damage to the muscle and nerve causing his foot to not have full function and also a lot of nerve pain.    Learning to walk again has had its issues as he has had to accommodate a foot that doesn't want to work like normal.  We are hoping that with therapy over time his foot will recover fully.  After ending up with open heart surgery you would think that his chest would hurt the most but it is that foot that causes him the most grief.  We are grateful that his foot is the one thing that has bothered him the most.  It could have and logically should have been worse.  I'm so grateful that when it came down to it logic was not the final say in Stan's heart attach and complications. If the doctors would have been correct in their logic he would not be here today.   Although I am now and will always be grateful for those miracle workers we call doctors;  I am even more grateful that our Heavenly Father saw fit to save him and let him stay here with his family. 
      We are so grateful to be moving on to healing and to have our family back together again.  The last couple of months have been hard on all of us. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Anniversary dinner pics

Happy Anniversary Stan & Alisha!

Beautiful roses

+ Dinner from Cafe Rio

= Romantic 25th anniversary dinner with the Miracle Man!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hope's birthday :)

Hope's always wanted to spend her birthday at the hospital :) cross that off her bucket list.
She said as long as she is with dad she is good!

                                                                           New iPod!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


We got good news yesterday!  We now have a release date!  The plan is to let him go home on the 23rd of July. Finally.... The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible. :) and Stan is sooo ready to go home. Who wouldn't be after spending 6 weeks in ICU and then going straight to rehab. He will need a lot of cardiac therapy at that point but we are definitely on the home stretch. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I know that it has been the combined faith and prayers of his family and friends that have truly made the difference.  After all of this I have come to see that God truly does work mighty miracles in our lives. And... Our new family moto :). Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Updated pics of our Miracle Man!

Stan's first day at the University of Utah

Some occupational therapy work that he actually likes!

Finally! He's able to hold his grand baby!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We have had a couple of busy days and I am finally getting time to blog Stan's progress.
Yesterday he was moved to the University of Utah hospital for rehab. Things are very different here than they were at IMC but we are beginning to see some positive things. He has been upgraded from soft foods and thick liquids to a regular diet including water!!  He is super excited about water... There is something not quite right about every liquid you take in being thick like syrup. Also today they did some cognitive testing and he did very fact I'd say he all but aced it!  The walker he had been using at IMC was replaced with a thick belt around his waste.  They do this because of his chest wounds. After that kind of chest trauma there is some concern of pressure being placed on his sternum.. The chance of doing damage to his sternum and ribs is not very likely but they would rather not take the chance. Instead the belt they put on him serves as a grip for the person helping him to steady him without trying to catch him and causing accidental injury. Not having that walker is hard for him; he was using his arms so much to help support himself. Now he has even more balance issues. Also we are finding that the stroke has possibly caused some vision impairment. At his point they watch it and see. We are hoping that as he heals his vision will clear.  Overall some great things.